7. What activities are performed by recycling businesses?


•           Reuse: Collection and sell of used construction materials, such as kitchen cabinets, windows and appliances. Everyone benefits as contractors save on disposal costs, construction company owners get tax deductions, and low-income customers purchase products at discount prices.

•           Remanufacturing: A laser toner company collects and remanufactures computer printer toner cartridges, diverting tons of metals and plastic from disposal each year.

•           Collection: A company provides collection services for municipalities and businesses that generate recyclable paper and cardboard, bottles and cans, and construction and demolition debris. It sorts materials and sells them to manufacturers that make recycled-content products.

•           Processing: A company recycles scrap plastics by regrinding and selling them to manufacturing companies that use plastic in their products.

•           Manufacturing: A company collects, processes, and manufactures recycled paper products. Such company can use recycled newspapers, magazines and office paper collected from cities and towns to make recycled-content book boards for notebooks, hardcovers and game boards.