Pamukkale University, Turkey (PAU) was founded in 1992 as a national university. Currently it has a leading position among universities in the country, with one of the highest rate of student and staff mobilities. PAU ranked in the top three in Turkey and ranked in the top hundred in Europe for Erasmus Staff Mobilities. It was awarded both ECTS and DS (Diploma Supplement) Labels by European Commission. PAU has 24 R&D Centers. The University participates in many local, national and international projects. The Strategic Plan of 2014-18 states the objective of advancing social development and the sensitivity on environment which is directly related to ECO-Center project. Researchers and academicians from Department of Biology, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Education, and Plant Genetics and Agricultural Research and Application Center (PAU BIYOM) are involved in ECO-Center project. The Biology department has been very active in many international, national and local projects. Engineering Faculty is one of the leading faculties at Pamukkale University especially in research activities. The Civil and Environmental Engineering Departments have a strong interest in environmental issues and technologies. The mission of the Faculty of Education is to develop highly qualified teachers who will contribute to the future of the humanity by making use of knowledge in the field of science, technology and arts in the light of universal values.  PAU BIYOM main mission is to develop green biotech tools and it takes part in collaborative research and development projects with national and international universities. It also provides training opportunities to students and scientists in various areas of plant biotechnology and molecular biology. (