Knowledge & skills passport


A trainee/employee needs personal professional portfolio to evidence mastery of a set of skills, applied knowledge, and attitudes upon completion of training and acquiring of competence/qualification.

The ECO-Center Knowledge & skills passport offers an assemblage of documents that constitute organized collection of proofs that showcase one’s abilities, most relevant skills, and charts his/her professional development.

The Knowledge & skills passport is foreseen

  • to present oneself and his/her work to a targeted audience
  • to be used as a valuable tool for assessment of professional growth
  • to be applied as career transitions navigator and tracking instrument of professional development.

The Knowledge & skills passport includes a set of primary components, as follows:

  • Cover
  • Table of contents
  • EUROPASS package
  • Credentials - all
    • Records of professional activities: resumes, transcripts, references, major evaluations
    • Records of self-directed learning activities
    • Records of learning activities outside work and in house
    • Certificates/evidence of special training
    • Research or Project Outcomes: records of publications; important presentations
    • Leadership Highlights
    • Teamwork or Collaboration Projects highlighting ones work and contribution
    • Honors/Awards

To facilitate the tailoring of individual Knowledge & skills passport to suit a specific need for job application and carrier promotion ECO-Center offers instruction documents equipped with templates and video examples: