1. Environmental Risk Assessment in Waste Management

Environmental risk assessment requires understanding of the source of a hazard to or from the environment, the characteristics of an environmental receptor that may be at risk and the means or channels by which the receptor may be affected by that hazard.

Location, operation and decommissioning of waste management facilities are associated with certain risks that are assessed at various times during a facility’s life: from design through construction and operation to decommissioning and licence surrendering.

Environmental risk assessment can be applied

-           At strategic planning, pre-planning and planning stages (through environmental impact assessment and environmental statement, including risk assessment).

-           During the process of waste management licensing (it may be carried out in parallel to the planning application).

-           During the site supervision stage.

-           Prior to modification of the licence or amendment of the working plan, resulting from changes to operation.

-           Prior to site completion/closure and licence surrendering.