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1.5. Ways towards a Modern Climate and Energy Policy

The protection of the environment and climate is one of the global challenges of the 21st Century and enjoys in German politics, in journalism and civil society a high priority. Germany is recognized internationally as a pioneer in climate protection and a pioneer in developing renewable energies. Germany as the first industrial nation in 2011 decided to phase out nuclear energy. For years, Germany pursues a path which brings together climate and environmental protection within the meaning of sustainable management. The key to this is to increase the energy and resource efficiency, the development of renewable energies and raw materials. This promotes the development of new energy technologies on both the supply side, in power stations and renewable energy, as well as on the demand side, where energy is consumed.

The Nature Conservation ("protection of the natural foundations of life") is enshrined as a national objective in Article 20a of the Basic Law since 1994. An intact nature, clean air and clean water are prerequisites for a high quality of life and environmental quality in Germany. For air and water pollution environmental indicators are pointing in a positive direction, because many emissions have been significantly reduced in recent years.