O1 ECO-Center needs analysis

This intellectual output is developed by ECO-Center MD. It foresaw performance of desk research in each partner country conducted to gather up-do-date information and provide detailed analysis of the state of art in respect to the:

- Current status in clean environment sector with emphasis on shortcomings / risks;

- The potential of this sector in implementation of national policies for educating teachers (adults), trainers, other learning providers; employees job seekers; workers at risk of losing their jobs; individuals affected by unemployment, restructuring and career transitions.

- Principles of adult education in the planning and development of programs/courses

- Education in ecology:  structure, operation and contribution to career development;

- Needs for up- and re-skilling of adults in ecology;

- Bridge building between EQF and ECVET validation instruments and recognition of skills and competences adopted via adult education.

The conducted analysis provides an overview on partners’ national ecology policies, the employment prospects and programs, the relevant training methods and curricula, and the compliance of national requirements with EU education standards.

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national report_CY

national report_DE

national report_TR

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