4. Most Popular Reused Materials:

Paper is the most famous material that is reused. These are old copies, old books, paper bags, newspapers, cardboard box, etc. Some ways to reduce our usage of paper are given below:

  • Use unwritten paper and do not throw it away;
  • Try to use brown paper bags;
  • Reuse gift wrap for gifts again and again.

Glass wastes comprise bottles, plates, cups, bowls, etc. Theycan be reused very easily:

  • You can use the jars to put cookies inside.
  • The easiest way to carry soup or any liquid is by putting it into a jar.
  • You can put spice to small jars.
  • You can put screws or nails to the jars.

Plastics.The most popular plastics includecontainers, bottles, bags, sheets. Theymust be reused in the following ways:

  • You can fill the plastic bottles with water and use them to drink water outside.
  • You can use plastic containers to protect meals.
  • You can clean and reuse plastic dishes, forks, spoons, and others.

Miscellaneous. Here, domestic waste like old cans, utensils, clothes, furniture, etc. is included.

Always remember the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Recycle process in a solid-waste treatment plant

Some ideas about what else we can do to reuse and where are given below:

  • Do not throw away the stale bread, eat it toasted.
  • You can use small boxes as drawers.
  • Put a towel near paper towels.
  • Instead of making paper copies, use originals.
  • If you use rechargeable batteries, you do not have to throw away the batteries; use rechargeable batteries.
  • You can use old toothbrushes to clean outreach and tiny places.
  • Always use the two sides of paper sheet and make two sided copies.
  • Try to use bath water or treated waste water for your garden.
  • Buy concentrated form of food to save money and use less packaging.
  • Do not buy things that you use very seldom, try to borrow them from someone else.
  • Use items made from recycled materials.
  • Try not to use disposables as they cannot be used again.


Waste recycling has some significant advantages. İn genetral it leads to less utilization of raw materials; reduction of environmental impacts arising from waste treatment and disposal. Recycling makes the environment cleaner and healthier, saving landfill space. It literaly saves money, since reduces the amount of energy required to manufacture new products. And finaly, recycling can prevent the creation of waste at the source.