4.8 Recycling Reduces Pollution Risks

By saying “Recycling Reduces Pollution Risks”, we mean, “Recycling reduces land pollution.”, “Recycling reduces air pollution.”, “Recycling reduces water contamination.”, “Recycle and save money.”, “Recycle and have a better life.”, “Recycling secures the future of our children and grandchildren.”

Recycling reduces environmental damage caused by mining, logging, and manufacturing raw materials. Recycling reduces risks of air and water pollution from manufacturing processes. Recycling paper cuts air pollution by about 75 per cent. Substituting steel scrap for virgin ore reduces air emissions by 85 per cent and water pollution by 76 per cent. Recycling also reduces pollution risks by keeping materials out of disposal facilities. No matter how strong environmental standards may be, there is always some risk associated with waste disposal. Recycling and waste reduction are preferred and effective alternatives.